Updates from January GA in Wales

During the last days of January, we met at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Swansea, Wales (UK). Of course, we talked about the pilot kicking off in six countries in the next couple of weeks (North Macedonia, Spain, Flanders, Wales, Italy, and Finland). Additionally, we discussed the possibility of an accreditation of the training programme, which is great news for all of those who want to go through the EntreCompEdu Training Programme online once we have learnt from the pilots now.

We also looked ahead towards the evaluation of the programme: thanks to the LoopMe social learning media platform, we will be able to analyse in-depth both qualitative and quantitative data gathered throughout the pilot. As teachers in the programme share their reflections, we will be able to understand what is working well, where teachers have the biggest needs and where they are making the most progress. These insights will then help us make changes to our online programme to offer the best teacher training course possible.

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