EntreCompEdu has produced a variety of tools to help teachers develop their entrepreneurial education skills. All tools are free to access and use, many are available in multiple languages. Take a look!

EntreCompEdu Tools

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz

This is a simple quiz to help educators explore each competence on the EntreComp flower, providing links to a short video explaining each competence, learning outcomes and teaching/assessment ideas. Finally, the user can download a complete set of the EntreComp Teacher Cards.

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz English

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Spanish

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Finnish

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Italian

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Macedonian

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Dutch

EntreCompEdu Flower Quiz Welsh

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs activity   

This is a simple tool to encourage educators to design a learning activity and link it to the SDGs. At the end they can download a copy of their activity to keep in their EntreCompEdu portfolio.  

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity English

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Spanish

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Finnish

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Italian

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Macedonian

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Dutch

EntreCompEdu and the SDGs Activity Welsh

EntreAssess survey 

This is an online self-reflection tool and diagnostic, which asks a series of questions about the users current assessment practices. Based on their answers, it then offers a tailored set of recommendations on how to progress towards more entrepreneurial practices with learners, how to implement these online and why this will help their teaching.  

EntreAssess Survey English

EntreAssess Survey Spanish

EntreAssess Survey Finnish

EntreAssess Survey Italian

EntreAssess Survey Macedonian

EntreAssess Survey Dutch

EntreAssess Survey Welsh

EntreCompEdu Personal log 

This is an online tool with set of questions that help teachers to practice professional reflection – self-reflecting on their journey through the EntreCompEdu course and their progress in entrepreneurial teaching, learning and assessment.  

EntreCompEdu Personal Log English

EntreCompEdu Personal Log Spanish

EntreCompEdu Personal Log Finnish

EntreCompEdu Personal Log Italian

EntreCompEdu Personal Log Macedonian

EntreCompEdu Personal Log Welsh

EntreCompEdu Design Canvas 

This is an adapted canvas model to allow teachers to design a canvas which illustrate a new and innovative practice, linking this to the experience and learning from the EntreCompEdu course.   

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas English

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas Spanish

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas Finnish

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas Italian

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas Macedonian

EntreCompEdu Learning Design Canvas Welsh

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