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EntreCompEdu: Creating Teacher Pioneers Online Policy Event: Post-event blog post

On June 29th we officially said our goodbyes to the EntreCompEdu project. Was it time already? Oh, what an amazing journey has it been!

After the marvellous Online Global Graduation wrap party, we though it couldn’t get any better – well, we were wrong: EntreCompEdu surprised us again by rocking the closure celebrations, the EntreCompEdu: Creating Teachers Pioneers online global event. More than 50 attendees were walked through the stunning testimonies of teachers and learning professionals from several of the 52 countries who got involved through the lifetime of the project.  

The session kicked off with EntreCompEdu Mentor Hazel Israel (Bantani Education) and EntreCompEdu Mentor Felicity Healey-Benson (UWTSD) dispelling the myths that surrounds entrepreneurial education.

  • EntreCompEdu is only relevant to Europe… No! EntreCompEdu is relevant to the world.
  • EntreCompEdu is only for business studies… No! EntreCompEdu is for all
  • EntreCompEdu is only for schools… No! EntreCompEdu is for all levels of lifelong learning.
  • EntreCompEdu is about throwing out your practice… No! EntreCompEdu is about growing your practice.

Then, event host, Elin McCallum (Bantani Education) gave the floor to our EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers who reported compelling stories about the implementation, impact and policy potential of EntreCompEdu around the world:

  • Representing the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, which led the exiting “Al Cubo” project for entrepreneurship, Aneris Cao explored the implementation of EntreComp Edu in the Latin America and the Caribbean education system, impacting teachers and professionals from 6 countries. explored the implementation of EntreComp Edu in the Latin America and the Caribbean education system, impacting teachers and professionals from 6 countries. According to Aneris, there is a grassroots desire to expand EntreCompEdu throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and PUCV is at the forefront of that movement, with plans to develop ideas in the region through the Agency of International Cooperation. The first step on this journey is developing a programme of Spanish language events online under the EntreCompEdu Café model.
  • Ph.D. and principal lecturer at Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland, Kaija Arhio shared the impact of EntreCompEdu regional entrepreneurship education projects in Finland and the importance of policy at a municipality level. Kaija believes that while many may look towards Finland as an example of successful entrepreneurial practices, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially in remote areas of northern Finland, and within VET centres where teachers need more training on entrepreneurial education to improve their skills, knowledge, and confidence. It is important to impact policy on a municipality level to enact positive change and put these ideas into practice.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship lecturer at Palestine Polytechnic University, Wisam Shamroukh, presented his experience as a master trainer for Entrepreneurial Education based on EntreComp. While the EntreComp Framework was developed with Europe in mind, it is not limited geographically, Wisam believes in actively working to develop an Arab community around EntreCompEdu and EntreComp. The first step toward this was setting up EntreComp Palestine as an online community, creating a student orientated approach towards value creation, with the aim to blend these approaches into new initiatives on a national level.


The event was about showcasing the policy relevance of EntreCompEdu. Guest stars of the session were Wales’ Minister for Education and Welsh Language Jeremy Miles MS and Deputy Minister of Education and Science of The Republic of North Macedonia Dr. Arafat Shabani sharing their fascinating testimonials. Jeremy Miles MS shared the importance of entrepreneurial education and its vital role in supporting the new Curriculum for Wales launching in 2022, and you can find his recorded video here. Dr. Arafat Shabani highlighted how entrepreneurial education is included in their national curriculum and argued for the importance of the EntreComp Framework in building a sustainable future for European countries and international society. Watch his full testimonial here. Both are proud to congratulate EntreCompEdu and promote this initiative further in their home countries and beyond.

The European perspective came from Tapio Säävälä the policy officer responsible for teacher education and related policies at DG Education and Culture in the European Commission. He discussed entrepreneurial learning and future trends in teacher education, putting the emphasis on how important these competences for modern education systems and highlighting the importance of assessment to make the development of the key competence more visible at the levels of classroom, school and at system level.

Some of the teacher pioneers are directly involved in teacher education at country level, and see the opportunity of EntreCompEdu for a teacher-focused approach to entrepreneurial education in all subjects. Colleagues from China and Scotland shared their view:

  • Jing Zhang is an experienced entrepreneurial educator who designed and delivered China’s first ever Entrepreneurial University Leadership programme. She believes that EntreCompEdu can bring a positive shift in education in China for both schools and universities, and is working to promote the initiative at policy level within the next five year plan in China. Recently, Elin and Jing discussed the benefits of EntreCompEdu at “The 2nd Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference”, you can discover more here.
  • Julie Degnan from Scotland’s Enterprising Schools explored how EntreCompEdu supported curriculum delivery among Scotland’s network of teachers and schools. Julie believes there is real potential to personalize your development through the programme, and adapting it to your own needs, which is vital for teachers working in such diverse environments. To learn more about entrepreneurial education in Scotland and Scotland’s Enterprising Schools, watch Julie’s EntreCompEdu Café session “Practical learning with Scotland’s Enterprising Schools”. You can also catch up with the latest Café sessions here.


Following up, an interactive session led through break out rooms gave participants the time to explore EntreCompEdu across education sectors following the question: What opportunities do you see for EntreCompEdu in your context? This was a unique opportunity to network with likeminded policy-makers, teachers and experts to share perspectives and explore ideas.

The EntreCompEdu: Creating Teachers Pioneers global online event concluded with the view of a video summary which accurately wrapped up the revolutionary EntreCompEdu experience.

If you would like to get an in-depth perspective on the speakers, as well as the successful EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers, we encourage you to dive in to the newly updated EntreCompEdu Yearbook, this time dedicated to Creating Teacher Pioneers. A labour of love, this yearbook was initially created to give our graduating EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers a memento of the course and a chance to connect with their global peers. It has since been updated to include details about the educational policy aspects of EntreCompEdu, you will also find links to the EntreCompEdu map, EntreCompEdu Cafés, inspiring words from our graduates, and more.

To build upon the community spirit of EntreCompEdu, the connections between people around the world, committed to sharing and experimenting together, we invite all participants to join EntreComp360, the entrepreneurial learning community. EntreComp360 is a new dedicated space, an online learning community for everything connected to entrepreneurial learning – a platform to share resources, practices, and stories.

So many people to thank!

Special thanks go to our guest speakers: Aneris Cao, Kaija Arhio, Wisam Shamroukh, Jeremy Miles MS, Dr. Arafat Shabani, Tapio Säävälä, Jing Zhang and Julie Degnan. To Elin McCallum, whose entrepreneurial spirit gave life to this beautiful event while carrying forward the project. Thanks are also needed for the team behind the scenes at Bantani Education for coordinating the event.

The impact of EntreCompEdu can only happen through the work of our Partners and Teacher Pioneers:

  • The EntreCompEdu Project Partners and Trainers who have worked tirelessly to drive this project forward: European Business Summit, GO! Scholengroep Antwepen, Innogate To Europe, LUT University, Materahub, Loop Me Analytics, National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning and University of Wales Trinity Saint David.
  • To our wonderful EntreCompEdu Teacher Pioneers who have shared with us their precious insights throughout the lifetime of the project and continue to engage. They have made this programme successful, and their engagement in the EntreCompEdu Cafés has even seen the partners commit to continuing to run the weekly café, and additionally developing a Spanish language EntreCompEdu Café!
  • To Pontifical University of Valparaiso who picked up the programme and, trained by the partners, delivered it to practitioners in seven countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • With a special mention to EntreCompEdu Pioneer School, Dafen Community Primary School in Wales which is recognized because every single teacher participated in the programme resulting in a renewed whole-school approach to entrepreneurial education.
  • And another special mention to Guadalinfo located in the Andalucía region of Spain, who shared the programme with their Social Innovation Agents based at community learning centres throughout the region, resulting in more than registrations onto the course.

They say every ending is a new beginning, so stay tuned for the future evolution of the project!

In the meantime, catch up on EntreCompEdu: Creating Teachers Pioneers global online event below:

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