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  • What makes great continuous professional development? This is what teachers say

    EntreCompEdu is an EU-funded project that strengthens teachers’ entrepreneurial skills to allow teachers to use these skills in their classroom and address the increasing skills mismatch between our education systems and the needs of society, which damages the aspirations of Europe’s young people.


    The research was carried out to inform the project’s Teacher Training Course. The course is one of the free tools that the project produces and will be piloted across Europe from November 2019 onwards.


    It will be available freely as of early 2020. We surveyed over 400 teachers from across the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Belgium, and Spain from all educational levels: primary school, secondary school, vocational teachers as well as educators in higher education.


    What does great in-service teacher training look like?


    The results are clear and great in-service teacher training must:

    • provide a wide variety of practical ideas that could be used in the classroom
    • ensure trainers have a high-level of experience
    • ensure that the trainings provide a variety of opportunities for collaboration among teachers to shape and develop their ideas through the course.


    In addition, good teacher training should be flexible to help teachers understand how methods can apply to their curriculum and classroom; it should make room for collaboration and reflection; provide high-quality materials such as case studies and practical examples; and introduce new research and technologies where they are appropriate. And finally, teachers thought that teacher training should to a certain extent be mandatory to ensure learners benefit from a high-quality education.

    Teachers also ask to be supported by policy makers and the relevant authorities and called on them to deliver regular teacher training. They also want their progress to be followed to show the strides teachers have made and be able to showcase their efforts and successes.


    In conclusion, great continuous professional development for teachers must focus on the quality of the content first and foremost, rather than be hung up on a delivery method (online, blended, or face-to-face). It should also be putting teachers front and centre and support their learning with appropriate policy measures. The EntreCompEdu project uses these insights to develop a Teacher Training Course that focuses on peer-learning and deliberate practice and reflection to help teachers improve their entrepreneurial skills to help their learners succeed. The course will be available in various languages for free as of 2020. If you are interested in piloting it from November 2019 onwards, don’t hesitate to email us!