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  • Welcome To The EntreCompEdu Blog: How we will develop teachers' entrepreneurial skills

    We came together because we believe that entrepreneurial skills are life skills. We see the skills mismatch that exists between those skills that we teach in schools and those that learners need in their work and life. As educators and teacher trainers, we also know of the many demands that are made of teachers today. We want to address both of these problems by empowering teachers. We want to develop teachers’ entrepreneurial skills and show teachers how to work differently to help them teach their core content whilst building their learners’ entrepreneurial skills - we don’t want teachers to work more, we want them to work differently to succeed.


    Tools for teachers, school leaders and policy makers


    Our project will develop several tools for teachers to achieve their goals: teach their core curriculum to engaged learners and drive student motivation. 


    For teachers, we will develop:

    • An entrepreneurial skills framework that outlines the skills that teachers can use to facilitate entrepreneurial learning in the classroom

    • A practice map with activities and examples of how other teachers have fostered entrepreneurial skills

    • And innovative continuing professional development to support them in continuously improving their entrepreneurial skills.


    Our project will also for the first time explore the concept of teachers as action researchers. We will apply the process of ‘deliberate practice’ to a professional community of teachers. Teachers will engage in the assessment and improvement of their own practice using an iterative approach. Teachers will thus become contributors to the design and development process of the continuous professional development offer. We have chosen to apply deliberate practice to teacher education not only because it is underpinned by extensive research but also because we want teachers to uncover the talent, motivation, perseverance and engagement of your students. Put simply, we want teachers to become learners themselves and to select aspects of their practice that they consider need improving. Through a process of focused practice, support, challenge, feedback and reflection, we want to explore with teachers how they perceive their development.


    In order to support teachers within their schools, we will also engage school leaders to this project. Based on the action research insights gained and the innovative ‘social learning media’ tool we use, we will be able to give head teachers the data and evaluation tools at hand to show how entrepreneurial education leads to deeper learning of the core curriculum and to higher learner engagement in their schools.


    Lastly, we will work closely with policy makers to provide guidance on policy can support an appropriate entrepreneurial learning professional development programme for teachers. For policy makers, we will develop a toolkit that can help them support teachers on a very practical level.


    Who are we?


    We are a consortium of entrepreneurship education practitioners and researchers from all over Europe. Our partners are the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (project lead, UK), the National Centre for Development of Innovations and Entrepreneurial Learning (FYROM), European Business Summit Network (Belgium), Bantani Education (Belgium), Innogate to Europe (Spain), Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali E Creative (Italy), MeAnalytics (Sweden), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), GO! Onderwijs Antwerpen (Belgium), and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium). 


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    Our project kicked off in January 2018 and will run until December 2021.