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    The EntreCompEdu Steering Group Met in Tervuren at the End of January

    On January 29th and 30th, the EntreCompEdu steering group met in Tervuren, Belgium to review progress and map out the next crucial steps towards achieving the project objectives. The meeting brought together the entire consortium, including pilot partners from Spain, Italy, Belgium and Macedonia.  

    Due to changes in the organisational structure of the project, the meeting was pivotal to take stock of the project’s progress and to confirm the next steps. As such, the two days were based around the One Page Project Plan (OPPP), to review the project progress during the first 12 months.

    Among the project deliverables, the Skills Framework and the CPD design occupied the majority of the partner's minds. A first iteration of the Skills Framework has been created with a second version due for European-wide consultation in April 2019. The CPD is also progressing: EntreCompEdu is working on how to best to shape the CPD  for adaptation in diverse cultures and over different levels of education.

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